About Dr Francis Macnab

Dr Francis Macnab's current practice in psychology focuses on increasing resilience and life satisfaction to Australia's aged and ageing individuals. He specialises in coping with the stresses and anxieties of ageing and helping people 55 - 85+ become more adaptive in their later years.

Dr Macnab's extensive experience across various fields and organisations of psychology over the years have lead to following achievements and acclaim:

  • An early pioneer in Contextual Analysis
  • Author of more than 20 books, including:
    • Ageing Well
    • The 30 Vital Years
    • Life After Loss
    • The Traumas of Life and their Treatment
    • His books have been translated into six languages.
  • Founder of The Cairnmillar Institute 1961
    • Its executive director 1961 - 2016
    • Presided over the Cairnmillar Institute as it developed to be an accredited body for awarding Masters Degrees in clinical psychology counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Former president of The International Council of Psychologists
  • Received various awards, including:
    • Sir James Darling Medal
    • Honorary doctorates from Aberdeen and RMIT universities.
  • Visited and taught in several countries
  • For more than 25 years he developed and led the Sage Group - an education and therapeutic group for people aged 55 - 95 years of age, focussed on more successful ageing using the teachings of contemporary psychology and psychoanalysis